House Feels Humid? Check For Moisture In The Basement & Eliminate It

Dampness in your basement can affect the comfort level throughout your home. If your home feels humid, it's a good idea to check if there is a problem with dampness in the basement. Here is a simple test you can do to check what is causing the dampness in your basement that is affecting the rest of your home and several things you can do to reduce the moisture.  Testing for Dampness [Read More]

Benefits Of Renting A Crash Truck

A crash truck is a type of vehicle used at road construction sites; this type of truck is specifically designed to absorb the impact of a car hitting it from behind in order to protect the construction crew. These types of trucks can almost always be found at major road construction sites. While some construction companies choose to purchase crash trucks for their jobs, other companies find it more beneficial to rent crash trucks as needed. [Read More]

Always Sick And Hot? Improve Air In Your Small Garage Apartment

If your small garage apartment feels too congested and hot, take steps to improve the airflow in your living space. Even smart structures need good air circulation to make them feel more comfortable. Here are some ideas you can use to improve the air and heating in your small garage apartment. Air Out the Garage If your apartment lacks sufficient airflow and ventilation, it can quickly become a sick building. A sick building describes homes, offices, and other human structures that lack sufficient airflow and ventilation. [Read More]

Altered Views: When You Want Different Windows In Traditional Holes

Residential window replacements are an exciting thing. Your home is about to get all new windows, and you can pick and choose whatever you like. Yet, what happens when you decide you want something other than the basic window? What does your window contractor do then? It looks something like this. Bay Windows Bay windows require that you build out the wall of your home, provide support for the three panels of bay windows, and build out the floor space in front of the window. [Read More]