Worried Your Addition Will Look Out Of Place? What To Know

If you are adding on to your property and you want the addition to look like it was there originally when the house was built, there are some things that you have to take into consideration. Having a house with an addition that doesn't look right can devalue the home, even though you are adding square footage to the property. The addition has to be done right. Here are some of the things that you can do to make sure that the addition blends in with the rest of the house. [Read More]

Selecting Water Filters For Your Office Building

The water inside your office building is important for you, employees and visitors. If your water is off-colored or smells terrible, it can make your business seem less than professional. If you use water for coffeemakers, feeding plants or even washing hands, poor water quality can be noticeable and in some cases, unhealthy. Water filters may help; this information can guide purchasing decisions.   Test Water Many building owners make errors when they run out and buy a lot of filters and special sink attachments without actually understanding what is needed. [Read More]

What Happens If You Use An Expired Fire Extinguisher

If you have a fire extinguisher in your home, then you may understand that it is a valuable tool to keep your home safe from possible fire hazards. While this is true, you should not keep a single fire extinguisher in your house without replacing it at some point. Fire extinguishers do expire, as odd as this may seem, and certain ones will expire within about five years. If you decide to use an expired extinguisher, some things may happen. [Read More]

2 Tips For Preventing Thatch Build-Up On Your Lawn

Just like you, the grass growing on your lawn needs air to keep it alive and healthy. However, when grass clippings build up on top of your lawn, the thatching that occurs makes it difficult for your grass to thrive. Below are two tips for preventing thatch build-up on your lawn so it can stay healthy and green: Mow Your Grass Before It Gets Tall One thing you can do to prevent thatch in your yard is to keep up with mowing your lawn. [Read More]