Don't Let Black Mold Frighten You: Replacing Drywall To Eliminate Mold Growth

As Halloween draws near, it's time to pull out the scary decorations and costumes. But October is also a good time to look for a real fright in your home -- black mold -- and eradicate it forever. Why is Mold Sometimes Scary? Black mold is scientifically known as Stachybotrys chartarum, and because it can cause respiratory illness, coughing, headaches and eye irritation when it's inhaled, it's a bigger threat than any ghost or goblin. [Read More]

3 Septic Tank Solutions To Help You Deal With Mound Systems For High Water Tables

If you need to have a septic system, but your home is located in an area with a high water table, a mound system may be a practical solution. You probably also do not want to have a big unsightly mound in your yard. There are some things that can be done to mask your septic mound. Here are some tips to help you hide that unsightly septic mound with unique landscaping features: [Read More]

Recycling Tips For Your New Construction Site

If your construction company is getting ready to perform a major demolition project, then you need to consider the recycling container needs for the project. Use these tips to ensure that your project's recycling container needs are met when your demolition project starts and that you save your company as much money possible on disposal costs: Reduce Your Disposal Costs by Taking Clean Loads to the Recycling Center When your recycling containers are filled with only the material that belongs there and there is no trash, the load is said to be " [Read More]

Common Electrical Questions And Answers For Owners Of Older Homes

Older homes can have special electrical needs and quirks that homeowners should be aware of. These frequently asked questions and answers can be useful for homeowners in older houses.  Q: My lights flicker when the air conditioner comes on. Does this mean I have a problem? A: Many times this happens when an air conditioner draws a lot of power from a limited supply. The older your electrical box, the less power your electrical panel is likely to have. [Read More]