Unable To Obtain Well Water

If you have been without running water for a long time due to something being wrong with the well on your property, getting it repaired should be promptly planned. You are likely spending money to purchase water for your household to drink, cook with, and fulfill other needs. Getting the well repaired as soon as possible will allow you to save money and obtain water in a more convenient way. There are are few repairs that your well might need before it will begin supplying water to your household again, but you will first need to get it professionally inspected. Browsing through the remainder of this article will give you a general idea of what might be preventing your well from releasing water into your household.

No Access to Groundwater

There is the possibility that your well isn't able to send water into your house because it no longer has access to it. For instance, the ground where the well is installed may have become dry. In such a case, you would need to hire a professional to drill another well in a different area of your property where there are aquifers that are filled with water. Keep in mind that aquifers are the rocks that are deep within the ground that are necessary for a well to function as it should. There might actually be a few water-filled aquifers in the same area where your well is currently situated, which means the pump will simply need to be adjusted to access them.

The Pump Has Problems

Getting the well pump inspected is important because no water can be pumped up from the ground if it doesn't work properly. Several things can go wrong with a well pump, including the electrical wiring having a short in it that is interfering with its ability to fully power up. A professional may be able to simply rewire the pump in such a case rather than you having to invest in a new one. Another problem that the pump might have is a bad motor, which can also be replaced, depending on the overall condition of the pump. In the worst case scenario, your pump is simply old and worn out and needs to be replaced altogether.

A Circuit Breaker Isn't Working

The pump to your well runs off of electricity, which means that it may not be receiving a supply of it if the pump no longer works. The problem may stem from a circuit breaker tripping off in your house. You can take a look at the electrical panel and turn on any breakers that are off. Turning the breaker on might be all that is needed for your well to start functioning again. 

If any part of your well is not working, you'll need well system repairs. For more information on water well system repair services, contact a local resource.