3 Reasons Why You Need to Install Gutter Covers Now

Are you tired of going up on a ladder every week or two during autumn to clean leaves out of your gutters? Do you wish that there was something to be done about this situation? You might be considering hiring someone to do the work for you but this isn't necessarily the best idea. While there's nothing wrong with hiring someone to clean out your gutters, there's a better solution for most people: having their gutters covered. There are a number of advantages to this option that you might not have considered or even known about, such as:

Less expensive: In the long run, gutter covers are going to be cheaper than hiring someone to clean out your gutters for you. When you're hiring someone, this work will still need to be done indefinitely. When you have a lot of trees nearby, this can be a lot of work that quickly adds up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. Depending on costs in your area, having covers installed is something that could wind up paying for itself in just a few years. Even if it winds up taking a few more years to pay for itself, such a system will cost you nothing further while you'd still be paying for gutter cleaning.

Longer lasting gutters: A clogged gutter system is a poorly-functional gutter system. The leaves can allow water to collect in segments, making that section heavier than it's supposed to be and causing sagging. This water buildup can also result in rust if you happen to have a steel gutter system. With gutter covers, the leaves never enter the gutters and are instead forced off the edge of the roof. This allows the water to flow through quickly and the whole system to dry out much faster, resulting in gutters that have a longer lifespan.

Better safety: Ladders are more dangerous than you might have realized. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of people fall from ladders every year, sometimes causing serious injury or even death. The fewer times you have to go up on a ladder, the better. You also don't want to have to make a homeowner's insurance claim because someone you hired has fallen from a ladder and now needs compensation. With gutter covers, the risk of injury from this source is all but eliminated. Once installed, it will only need a professional inspection every few years to ensure that the covers are still in place but it can otherwise be left alone.