Setting Up Your Back Yard For Entertaining This Summer? Tips For Installing A Patio And Outdoor Kitchen

If you are setting up your backyard and plan to entertain this summer, installing a patio and an outdoor kitchen will work great for you. Below is information about each of these things so you can get started setting everything up.

Install a Patio

Because you plan to entertain, make the patio as large as you can. If you have a back door, attach the patio from your home so you can walk straight to the patio when you walk out of your home. This will make things much easier while entertaining also, especially if you need to go in and out getting food, as well as easier for people that may need to go inside to use your bathroom.

Along with the patio, put a patio cover over it. If you add the patio to your home, you can install a retractable cover that is large enough to cover the entire patio. A retractable cover will allow you to open the cover when you want to use it, and then close the cover when you do not. You may also want the cover closed on nice days when you don't mind having a little sun. You also have to consider the furniture that you put on your patio. Consider a table with an umbrella, a couch with cushions, extra chairs, and extra tables for people to set their drinks or other things on. The material used for outdoor patio furniture is weather resistant.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen

Because you plan to entertain, consider hiring a contractor to install an outdoor kitchen on your patio. This is beneficial as you can cook all the food outside. This can save you a lot of time from having to go in and out of your home. You can choose to put a stove with cooktop and an oven, as well as a sink with running water so you can do your dishes. This will allow you to wash dishes as you go so you won't have a large mess at the end of the party.

Install a grill in your outdoor kitchen. You could choose an open grill which is made of a stone box or metal and has a heating element, which uses gas, charcoal, or wood, with a metal grate on the top for the fire. There are also covered grills which allow you to smoke food. These grills also work best if you plan to grill thick steaks, whole chickens, or rack of ribs. You can choose to use a variety of wood flavors to smoke your food slowly.

Add a beverage center, especially if you plan to serve alcoholic drinks. Of course, you can store other drinks, such as sodas and bottled water in the beverage center.

Talk with a patio contractor about this information, as well as a company that installs outdoor kitchens for much more information.