How People Neglect Their Air Conditioning Systems

Many people take their air conditioners for granted. They use their air conditioners when they feel the house is too warm and give very little thought to the AC beyond turning it on and making sure it is set on the temperature they desire. This is why so many people find themselves with an air conditioner that ends up needing serious repairs or that gives out completely. You can learn about some of the common ways people make mistakes with their air conditioners in this article.

Letting their filters go uncleaned

Many people feel if the AC is working well, they can go on about their life and not give it a second thought. Even though people know the filter needs periodic cleaning, they don't put it high on their list of priorities. This is surprising since a dirty filter not only puts a lot of wear on the AC and can lead to repair issues, but also increases their power bills.

Not setting the ceiling fans correctly

Ceiling fans can help the AC keep your home nice and cool. However, the ceiling fans have two directions. During the winter, they should be set to spin in a clockwise direction, so they pull the room air up, which forces the warmer air to move down into the room. During the summer, the fans should go in a counterclockwise direction, so they push the air down, which helps everyone in the room feel cooler. Using ceiling fans properly means you can put the temperature on the AC higher, which puts less wear on it.

Never giving your AC a break

There are many people who turn on their AC systems at the start of summer and don't give the AC a break again until the season is over. This can severely overwork the AC system and lead to the need for very expensive repairs. You want to give the AC a break when you don't need it on, such as when you are at work or out running errands that are going to take a few hours or more.

Not having the AC serviced

Many people turn their AC on at the start of the hot season and don't even consider having a service person come take a look at it. However, having the AC properly checked out by an AC technician prior to using it for the summer can help prevent all kinds of issues and ensure problems are identified and taken care of right away. Contact a company like Nathan's Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to schedule service today.