Be Safe When Garage Doors Fail: 4 Tips For Dealing With Broken Or Damage Springs And Cables

Some of the most common parts on garage doors to fail are the springs and cables that do all the heavy lifting and support the weight. These components can also be some of the most dangerous parts of your door, which is why it is important that you know how to handle these problems safely. The following tips will help you deal with broken garage door springs and cables safely while waiting on repairs to be done.

1.  Disconnect the Opener and Use Door Manually to Avoid Balance Problems

If you continue to use the door opener when the cables or springs are broken, this can cause severe damage to the garage door and hazards. All modern garage doors have an emergency safety release that allows you to operate the door manually.

This is the cord that hangs from the opener. Pull it to disconnect the opener, and only operate the door manually, if necessary. It is always better to wait for repairs before using the door again, if possible.

2.  Avoid Going Near Springs That Have Tension and Stress That Makes Them Unstable

If the door is jammed in a position, and there is a lot of stress on the cables and springs, stay clear of these components. They hold a lot of tension that can cause serious injury if they come loose and hit you.

Do not attempt to loosen or remove these parts on your own, because this can cause them to quickly release the tension and strike you, causing injury. Always call a garage door service for help with this type of repair to avoid injury.

3.  Carefully Use Spray Lubricant to Loosen Parts of a Door That is Stuck and Nonoperational

Spray lubricants can be a great help to reduce wear of garage door parts and extend their lives. In addition, you may want to try spraying parts that seem to stick or cause the door to become jammed.

Even if lubricating the parts helps the door slide into place, you will still want to have a repair service help with installing new springs and cables to ensure the problem is solved and your door is working properly.

4.  Clear the Area Near Garage Doors Before Troubleshooting and Contact a Repair Service

One of the causes of damage to garage doors is clutter that gets in the way of tracks and moving parts. This can also be a hazard when trying to repair a garage door with broken springs or cables.

Before you contact the repair service for help with repairs, make sure that any clutter has been removed to allow for plenty of space for the repairs to be done.

These are some tips to help you deal with broken garage door springs and cables safely while waiting for professional help for repairs. If your garage door has a broken cable or spring, contact a garage door repair service to fix the problem safely and prevent further damage.