Choose A Spa Design For A Small Deck

A small deck that adjoins your property won't prevent you from acquiring the spa design that you have been envisioning. Use some strategies to promote a tranquil, private area that can safely be accessed and that will provide you with a vantage point that is attractive.

Choose A Sunken Or Recessed Design

A sunken spa is one that is totally encased in a structure so that the upper part of a water feature is level with the decking material that surrounds it. Tiling can be added around a sunken spa to provide a seamless surface.

A recessed spa is partially sunken so that the upper portion of a water feature is visible. A recessed spa may be more of interest if you would like to showcase the outer part of the spa.

A bench seat can be added around this type of spa to provide a suitable area to sit down in between soaking in the water feature. If a small set of steps are added to the bench seat's design, you will have a safe way to enter and exit the spa.

Look into both sunken and recessed spas and the cost and features associated with each type to help you choose a spa type for your deck. Inquire about spa packages that include cleaning and servicing the spa or repairing worn parts so that the new addition is properly maintained.

Install A Privacy Enclosure Or Gazebo

If you have neighbors on either side of you and want to ensure that each spa session is private, have a privacy enclosure installed around the water feature. Wide wooden boards, polyurethane, or lattice can be used to enclose the water feature.

If your deck doesn't have a roof over it, then a gazebo-like design could be added to the deck. Wooden walls, poles, and a cover are the main parts of the gazebo that are necessary to enclose the spa. Use exterior paint to cover the gazebo with a custom color that you are fond of.

Add Colorful Accents Around The Spa

What are your preferences when it comes to being provided with visuals when you are relaxing? Brightly-colored tropical flowers, interesting vines that contain long branches and intricate-shaped leaves, or flowering perennials that are native to the part of the country that you live in can make quite an impact on your outdoor relaxation area.

Either place potted items along the sides of the spa or deck or get creative with the display by winding vines around portions of the privacy enclosure or gazebo that you have added to the deck. 

For more help, contact a spa company like Anchor Pools & Spas.