Oil Furnace Not Producing Heat? 2 Problems It May Be Having

If you have an oil furnace that is not producing heat, this could be due to many things. The first thing to check is to make sure the thermostat is set to heat. If this is true, below is information on two problems it could be having so you can take steps to get the oil furnace repaired and running well again.

Problems with Oil Burner

Problems with the oil burner can also cause no heat. First, check the flame to make sure the oil burner is running. If you see no flame, reset the oil burner to see if it produces fire. If it does not, then you need to have the oil burner serviced.

Another way to check if the oil burner is running properly is to remove the thermostat jumper. If you are not sure where this is, refer to the owner's manual as it depends on the model of oil furnace you have. With the thermostat jumper removed, the furnace should still call for heat if the oil burner is running properly.

The oil burner combustion air pressure may need to be adjusted. If so, this is dangerous, and you should never do this on your own. An oil burner service technician must disassemble the oil burner to adjust the pressure, and they use special equipment to make the adjustment.

Low Oil Supply

There is a gauge that shows the oil supply level. If the gauge reads that the oil supply is correct, you still need to check it yourself. This is because the gauge may be having problems. Use a dipstick to help you determine how much fuel is in the tank. If the fuel is low, add some to it now. Get the gauge repaired as soon as possible, because if the oil gets low and you do nothing, sediment and sludge will build up in the lines, which will also clog up the filter.

You can also press the reset button on the control module. If the button pops up, then the furnace is either low on oil or has a clogged up line. Do not press the reset button more than once, because every time the button is pressed oil is released into the lines. This added oil can be a safety risk as the oil can catch on fire in the lines.

Call an oil furnace contractor to repair your furnace for you. While they are there, they can provide maintenance to keep the oil furnace running well for you all winter.