Always Sick And Hot? Improve Air In Your Small Garage Apartment

If your small garage apartment feels too congested and hot, take steps to improve the airflow in your living space. Even smart structures need good air circulation to make them feel more comfortable. Here are some ideas you can use to improve the air and heating in your small garage apartment.

Air Out the Garage

If your apartment lacks sufficient airflow and ventilation, it can quickly become a sick building. A sick building describes homes, offices, and other human structures that lack sufficient airflow and ventilation. The structures can build up with heat, dust, and other hazardous substances, which can make you feel sick, even when you're in relatively good health. Once you leave your apartment, your symptoms go away, and your good health returns.  

You can try to improve the environment inside your garage apartment by airing it out as much as possible. If you have windows in your apartment, place one or two box fans inside them. If the apartment becomes stifling or hot during the day, place one of your fans backwards in the window. The fan's spinning blades will pull warm air out of the apartment, which may help cool down your living space. 

If using fans doesn't help circulate or improve airflow through your apartment, you may need to use a ductless heat pump to feel more comfortable. 

Use a Ductless Heat Pump

A ductless heat pump is an intricate heating and cooling device or equipment that doesn't require air ducts to operate. The heat pump cools your garage apartment during spring and summer, and warms it during fall and winter. You can install the equipment anywhere inside the apartment to fit your needs.

Ductless heat pumps come in many sizes and functions, including mini-splits and traditional. A mini-split heat pump may be better for you because it features an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. Both units work in unison to remove warm, stifling air from the structure. The indoor environment may feel cleaner and cooler over time. 

It's important to contact an HVAC contractor when you're ready to purchase and install your equipment. You want to use a ductless heat pump that fits your apartment's available space properly. 

If you're tired to feeling sick or hot in your garage apartment, contact a contractor for more details about ductless heat pumps today. 

During the installation, an HVAC contractor may make other suggestions you can use to improve the airflow in your apartment. Contact a service, like Salem Heating & Sheet Metal, Inc., for more help.