Altered Views: When You Want Different Windows In Traditional Holes

Residential window replacements are an exciting thing. Your home is about to get all new windows, and you can pick and choose whatever you like. Yet, what happens when you decide you want something other than the basic window? What does your window contractor do then? It looks something like this.

Bay Windows

Bay windows require that you build out the wall of your home, provide support for the three panels of bay windows, and build out the floor space in front of the window. You can also build in a bench seat by the bay window, but your window contractor will not be building that part. The floor, wall, and supports for a bay window are part and parcel of altering your window, so this much of the work may be completed by your window contractor, although you'll need to check with whoever you're working with.

Big Picture Windows

So, you want bigger windows than the ones you currently have? At least that is a little easier to manage than placing a bay window. Your window contractor has to create the larger opening by removing more siding, insulation, and wall frame, adding and installing a new window frame to fit the bigger hole, and then ordering and installing the bigger window. This is repeated for every big window you want. If you want an extra large picture window where you had just a regular window before, the process of expanding the dimensions for the window are essentially the same.

Patio Doors

Patio doors are basically giant window panes that slide open rather than up, in, or out. Now your window contractor has to cut this huge hole in the back or side of your home to fit a set of patio doors. The area is well-insulated and prepped to support the doors, followed by the installation of the frame of the patio doors. Sometimes, your window contractor is able to purchase pre-framed patio doors and then just install the entire unit as a "single window."

Colonnade of Windows

If you absolutely love and/or need natural light, you can create a colonnade of windows. However, your window contractor may have to call in a structural engineer and/or a construction contractor at this point. Because a colonnade of windows occupies entire walls, most of the wall on the side of your home has to be removed and replaced/rebuilt to accommodate this floor-to-ceiling set of windows.

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