Selecting Water Filters For Your Office Building

The water inside your office building is important for you, employees and visitors. If your water is off-colored or smells terrible, it can make your business seem less than professional. If you use water for coffeemakers, feeding plants or even washing hands, poor water quality can be noticeable and in some cases, unhealthy. Water filters may help; this information can guide purchasing decisions.  

Test Water

Many building owners make errors when they run out and buy a lot of filters and special sink attachments without actually understanding what is needed. You won't know that until you've tested the water. Testing kits are at "big box" stores and home improvement retailers carry them as well. They should provide basic information about lead, nitrates and other materials that are in your building's water. For more extensive testing and accurate information, you might send samples to local testing facilities like laboratories or universities.

Once results are in your hand, you might need to sit down with an expert to accurately analyze what you're reading. Not every substance found in your water is harmful, and before you become alarmed, you need to be certain that you recognize what you're dealing with and what that means for your office building's water.

Use Carbon for Odor and Taste Problems

Even if your water is safe, it might still taste disgusting and emit a strong smell; chlorine and other innocuous substances are likely causes. The knowledge that the water is safe is unlikely to affect the way clients and employees feel about the water, however. They may be unwilling to wash their hands or otherwise find the situation untenable. To eliminate odors or enhance taste, carbon is an ingredient you'd want to seek out when selecting filters. Problematic materials will cling to carbon, forming strong enough bonds that they don't bypass filters.

Seek Reverse Osmosis for Bacteria

To simply trap bacteria and particles, reverse osmosis is what you'll need. Filters utilizing these technique block particles from passing through. You might even explore reverse osmosis systems that are installed out of sight so that no one even thinks about the filtration occurring.

Whatever filters you end up going with, it's essential that they're frequently changed to work as intended. You might work with water filtration professionals who can handle your water system maintenance and suggest additional filtration solutions that will allow the office building to have clean, clear water.

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