2 Tips For Preventing Thatch Build-Up On Your Lawn

Just like you, the grass growing on your lawn needs air to keep it alive and healthy. However, when grass clippings build up on top of your lawn, the thatching that occurs makes it difficult for your grass to thrive. Below are two tips for preventing thatch build-up on your lawn so it can stay healthy and green:

Mow Your Grass Before It Gets Tall

One thing you can do to prevent thatch in your yard is to keep up with mowing your lawn. If you tend to wait until the grass is more than a few inches tall to cut it, the clippings become long and straggly.

When you mow grass that is too high, the long clippings become tangled between the blades of grass. As they build up, they start to choke out the grass, turning your lawn brown.

During normal growth times, strive to mow your grass once a week. However, in seasons when rain is abundant and your grass grows like crazy, you may need to cut it more often. Try not to let it grow more than a couple of inches above your cutting height to keep the length of the clippings manageable. 

Scrape Out Your Mower 

Especially if you mow your grass while it is still damp with dew or after a rain, clumps can form under your mower's deck. These clumps can contribute to thatching in two ways:

First, the clumps are thrown out while you mow. Because the clippings are dense and wet, they can instantly suffocate the grass wherever they land.

Second, when clumps form under the mower, the blades do not work as efficiently. Your mower becomes unable to cut the grass evenly, leaving varying heights on your lawn. The blades also cannot fully cut up the clippings, leaving longer clippings in some areas where they form thick patches.

To keep the above scenarios from happening, periodically check the deck of your lawn mower while cutting the grass. If you find any clumps building up, scrape them off before continuing.

Using the tips above can keep thatch from building up on your lawn and allow your grass to grow lush and green. However, if you find you already have multiple areas of thatch that are killing your grass, contact a lawn care service to have them inspect your yard and offer recommendations for removing the dead material and restoring the health of your lawn.

Contact local lawn care services for more information and assistance.