3 Roofing Options That Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Replacing your existing roof gives you the opportunity to take advantage of roofing options that can potentially benefit you in a variety of ways, such as by making your home more energy efficient or environmentally-friendly. Listed below are three roofing options that can end up making your home much more energy efficient.

Copper Roofing

One of the easiest ways to make your home more energy efficient, particularly during the summer, is to install a roof made out of copper roofing tiles. The reason that these tiles can potentially make your home more energy efficient is that they will naturally reflect sunlight.

With many other roofing materials, the sunlight is actually absorbed into the roofing material, which causes the roof to heat up and that heat to seep into the house. This will typically result in your house being several degrees hotter and will force you to turn on your air conditioner more often to be comfortable. However, since the copper tiles will reflect sunlight, the house is cooler and does not need to use the air conditioner as often, which helps conserve energy in the summer and lower your utility bills.

Lighter-Colored Roofing

If you are not really a fan of metal roofing and want a more traditional look while still being energy efficient, you can still utilize slate or wood roofing tiles or shingles. However, in order to make those types of roofing materials energy efficient, you will want to make sure that the color of the slate, wood, or other roofing materials is lighter in color.

The reason for this is that darker materials tend to absorb heat and subsequently cause the house to get hotter. With lighter-colored materials on your roof, the roof will be better able to reflect or dissipate the heat it absorbs, which can help keep the house cool and increase your home's energy efficiency.

More Insulation

Finally, if you are looking to make your home more energy efficient when you replace your roof, make sure to have more insulation placed underneath the roofing materials. The roof of your house is the primary source of hot or cold air leaking into your home, usually due to poor insulation. By making sure that sufficient insulation is put into place when your roof is installed, you can not only reduce your electric bill in the summer because you are keeping the heat out, but you will also be reducing your energy use in the winter as less cold air will be getting into the house and forcing you to turn the heater on more often. 

Contact a roofing contractor in your area today to discuss what can be done via the roof to make your home more energy efficient. Utilizing copper and lighter-colored roofing materials can help reduce your energy use in the summer while more insulation underneath your roof can save energy throughout the year. For more information, contact local professionals like Ray's Harford Home Improvement Contractors Inc.