How to Repair Concrete Flooring Inside Of A Small Commercial Garage

If you recently purchased a small commercial garage that you would like to turn into an automotive mechanic's shop and the concrete flooring inside of the structure has a couple cracks in it, make repairs to strengthen the floor by completing the project below. Once finished, add a coat of paint and clear epoxy sealant to the flooring so that the inside of the garage has a fresh, appealing appearance.


  • scrub brush
  • chisel
  • hammer
  • concrete cleaning agent
  • bucket of warm water
  • concrete mix
  • mixing stick
  • concrete float
  • industrial-paint
  • paint tray
  • paint roller
  • roller handle
  • paintbrush
  • clear epoxy sealant for concrete

Remove Loose Flooring Pieces And Clean The Concrete

Inspect the concrete and remove loose flooring pieces with a cleaning brush. If any concrete pieces are chipping from the sides of each crack, but you have difficulty removing them, place the tip of a chisel over them and lightly tap the end of the tool with a hammer. Once you have removed all of the loose flooring, clean the entire floor with a concrete cleaning agent and a scrub brush. Remove soapy residue with plain water and wait for the flooring to dry.

Patch The Cracks And Paint The Entire Floor

Prepare concrete mix by following the instructions that are listed on the package that it came in. Stir the water and mix for a couple minutes. Use a trowel to fill each crack with prepared concrete mix. Smooth out the surface of the mix by pushing a concrete float over it in straight lines. Wait for the mix to harden. Stir a container of industrial paint that is designed for use on concrete floors.

Add some of the paint to a tray. Begin adding the paint to one side of the flooring. Push a paint-covered roller over the concrete surface in straight lines. Use a paintbrush to cover small details in the floor's design with paint. Add additional coats of paint if desired once the initial one has dried.

Apply Epoxy Sealant To The Floor

Pour some epoxy sealant into a clean paint tray. Apply the sealant over the paint with a fresh paint roller. Sealant will provide the concrete flooring with a protective coating so that the paint doesn't chip or become stained after being exposed to moisture or spills. Sealant will also give the flooring a glossy appearance. Once the sealant has dried, move materials into the garage when you are ready to open your new automotive shop. 

If the cracks seems big enough that you worry about the integrity of the flooring, don't hesitate to contact a structural engineer so you can make sure there aren't lasting issues.