Understanding Your Options For Impact Doors In Your Home

Particularly if you live in an area that's prone to severe storms, you may find yourself struggling with protecting your home's structural integrity. One of the best investments you can make is in a steel impact door. These doors provide more protection against heavy storms and severe threats than the traditional construction choices like the thin sheet metal coated doors and wood construction. Here are a few things you should know about steel doors.

Are Steel Doors Really Heavy?

If you were to install a solid steel door that actually had a steel core, it would be exceedingly heavy. However, most of the solid steel doors used in residential applications aren't made from solid steel. Instead, they are typically crafted with a core made from polyurethane or something similar. That way, it's lightweight. The inner core is covered with thick steel panels, so those panels contribute the majority of the weight of the door. The lighter the inner core you choose, the easier the door will be to handle.

Are Steel Doors Like Fire-Safe Doors?

Impact-resistant steel doors are crafted differently than fire-safe doors. A fire-safe door is usually rated for certain levels of fire resistance based on the composition. You can even make a wood door fire safe by coating it with a fire-resistant sealant. While steel doors aren't typically considered fire safe, they do often have a fairly high fire-safety rating. The rating is usually determined by how long the door can withstand direct fire exposure. Ask your contractor about the fire-safety rating of the door you choose.

Can You Customize An Impact Door?

There are many different features that you can incorporate on these doors. Some of the most basic features to consider include wood grain finishes, paint coatings and similar styles of surface finishes. In addition, you can incorporate many other extras for both style and convenience. For example, you can have the doors custom made to include specific styles of window cutouts as well as doors for your pets. Ordering the door with these features built in is much easier than trying to cut them into the door afterward.

If you've never had experience choosing doors for your home, you may not really understand the function and design of impact-resistant doors. With the information here, you can better understand the option of a solid-core steel door for your home. Talk with your local construction contractor for more information so that you can choose the best door for your house.