Adding A Second Fireplace To Your Home

There can be too much of a good thing, but if you already own a fireplace, it might be a good idea to have a second one installed, especially depending on how your original fireplace is installed. You might see a fireplace as a massive fixture and that it would be impractical to fit a second one of the same type in the home. But it's definitely possible to add a second, gas fireplace to your home.

Venting Your Fireplace

The challenge of wood-burning fireplaces is that they need to be vented through a specific system. The difference with gas fireplaces is that they are much easier to vent. Therefore, it is easier to install vents on a gas fireplace in any area of your home. There are some gas fireplaces that do not require vents. 

Bedroom Fireplaces

A common place to have a second fireplace installed is in the bedroom. Bedrooms often have the extra space and the position of the bedroom makes it more convenient to run gas vents. There is also something enjoyable about looking at the licking flames before settling into bed. Also, a lot of time is spent in a bedroom, and it is an ideal place to have a unit dedicated to keeping it warm. While you are in bed, the central heating unit can be shut off to help save on energy costs. 

Kitchen Fireplaces

A lot of time is also spent in the kitchen. One issue that deters homeowners from installing fireplaces in a kitchen is the way in which the fireplace competes for space with the other appliances. A kitchen is often a place where friends and family gather around, making it an idea place for a cozy fireplace. 

Bathroom Fireplaces

While bathrooms typically have less space, fireplaces are sometimes used in bathrooms to create a spa-like atmosphere. Some fireplaces are zero clearance fireplaces that make it much easier to put the fireplace in a bathroom. 

Designing Your New Fireplace

While the second fireplace is often smaller, it still usually comes with its own mantel and a brick hearth area. Therefore, it will still look like a traditional fireplace. However, you may want a fireplace that looks much different from the main one with the help of custom fireplace screens. To get a better sense of the fireplace designs that might work with your home, talk to a fireplace construction specialist like J.S. Anderson Inc