Choosing the Right Propane Heating Blanket for Your Industrial Tanks

If you have recently had large propane tanks placed in your industrial facility, then you will need to be concerned about the temperatures in your business affecting the propane. Specifically, you do not want the propane to become too cold. This will cause much of the propane in the tank to turn into liquid, and this may mean that there will not be enough propane vapor to pull from the tank. This can keep you from being able to use your propane tank effectively. A propane tank can be fitted with a heating blanket to retain good vapor volume. Keep reading to learn about some tips to help you purchase the right blanket.

Go for a Silicone Variety

For applications in industrial settings, it is wise to invest in a heating blanket that will resist damage from oil and chemical spills. Silicone is a good material for this resistance, so make sure to choose a blanket made out of silicone. Silicone also has the benefit of remaining stable when exposed to a wide range of temperatures. Specifically, the material can withstand temperatures between -148 and 482 degrees Fahrenheit without becoming damaged. This means that the wiring within the blanket will not cause the blanket to start on fire if a short circuit occurs and that freezing outdoor temperatures will not cause the blanket to malfunction. 

Silicone is also an insulating material, and it resists water and sun damage to help protect the wires in the blanket. Silicone can be a bit rigid, so make sure to buy the right-sized blanket for your tank, since the blanket may not stretch like one made of another material. Also, if you notice that the blanket does not fit snugly against the side of the propane tank, you can use some silicone sealant to attach the blanket to the side of the tank so it warms the propane better. The sealant is one made specifically for propane tank heaters, and it can withstand a great deal of heat. High-temperature adhesive tape can also be utilized around seams.

Invest in a Thermocouple Temperature Controller

Heating blankets come with a variety of different controls and temperature settings. Many varieties have an internal thermostat that turns the blanket on and off based on the external temperature of the propane tank. While these types of blankets are a good choice for residential use, they are not optimal for large-scale tank applications like the containers used in industrial settings. For large outdoor tanks, a digital thermocouple thermostat is best. 

Thermocouple thermostats are wired directly to the blanket and have digital controls that allow you to set the exact temperature of the blanket instead of relying on an automatic temperature control. The thermostats will have temperature reading, and many devices will have alarms attached to them that go off when the temperature exceeds a safe level. This is ideal to reduce fire and combustion incidents.