Tips For Spotting Residential Foundation Problems When House Hunting

If you are shopping for your first home this summer,then it is important that you can identify the signs of concrete slab foundation problems. Knowing how to spot the tell-tale signs of foundation issues lessens the likelihood of your purchasing a home only to find out that it needs major, structural repairs in order to make it safe for you and your family to live in. To this end, here are some signs of a damaged concrete slab foundation for you to watch for while you are out house hunting:

Uneven Floors and Cracks on Interior Walls

When a concrete slab foundation cracks and starts to separate, you may not be able to immediately see the damage because it is generally under carpeting and other flooring materials. However, you will notice floors that seem to slope to one direction and cracks that form between walls on the interior of the house.

As you tour homes, take a water bottle with you. If you suspect that a home's floor is not level, then place the bottle on the floor and see if it rolls to one side. Doing this simple test in any rooms with signs of wall cracks or their repairs will help you to identify the difference between cracked plaster from a home settling in place and a serious foundation problem.

Windows and Doors that Don't Properly Operate

While you are walking through a home that you might want to put in an offer to purchase, make sure that you open and close all of the home's windows and doors. When a concrete slab is moving around from damage, it causes the house's windows and doors to become out of alignment and not operate as they are designed. While it may take major foundation damage to see wall cracks and sloping floors, windows and doors will start to have issues even with very minimal foundational shifting.

Cracking and Crumbling of the Foundation's Concrete

Finally, before you leave the tour of the home that you are considering for purchase, take the time to walk around the exterior of the house and look at the foundation. The foundation should be easily visible all the way around the house and you should be concerned if you see any obvious signs of cracks or crumbling concrete laying in the dirt. A healthy concrete slab foundation will not have any visible issues or signs of damage.

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