About Plumbing System Clogs & Grease Trap Cleaning

Did water suddenly start coming out of all of your plumbing fixture drains and now you have to call a plumber to fix the problem? The problem may have stemmed from you constantly pouring grease down drains that led to the plumbing pipes and grease trap getting clogged up. In this article, you will learn more about grease clogs and why you should invest in getting the grease trap professionally cleaned.

Limit the Amount of Grease That Goes Down Drains

If you don't want to stop pouring grease down plumbing system drains, you must at least limit how often it is done and run a drain cleaner through the system every so often to prevent it from accumulating. It is in your best interest to dump used grease outside instead of pouring it down the drain. You must keep in mind that liquid grease quickly thickens up when it enters the plumbing system, which makes it easier for food particles, dirt and debris to get trapped in the pipes. There might be a grease trap connected to your plumbing system that is able to trap grease, but it is useless if it has never been cleaned.

Get the Grease Trap Professionally Cleaned

It is important to get the grease trap to your plumbing system cleaned because it is unable to store anything when it is already full. A professional will be able to use commercial equipment to pump the trapped grease out. He or she will also take the cleaning process a step further by manually scraping away any sludge that is left behind after the grease is pumped out. Make sure that you grease trap is thoroughly cleaned if you want to get the most use out of it before needing to get it pumped again.

Enjoy the Advantages

You will notice that the plumbing fixtures in your house become clogged less often than usual when you begin getting the grease traps cleaned. The biggest perk of grease trap cleaning is that it can make the overall plumbing system more durable. If grease and other debris sits in the plumbing pipes for too long, you might have to get new pipes installed due to deterioration. Grease trap cleaning can also prevent foul odors from coming out of the plumbing fixture drains. Get in touch with a contractor to clean the grease trap at the same time that the plumbing system is repaired.

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