What Can You Do To Protect Your Garage Door's Torsion Spring?

One of the most important parts of your automatic garage door is called the torsion spring. The torsion spring is the long, large coil located above the garage door opening. The job of the torsion spring is to provide upward force on your garage door while it's opening, and to slowly lower the garage door when it's closing. With the help of your torsion spring, your garage door is relatively easy to lift manually, even though it's very heavy. If the torsion spring were to break, your garage door would be almost impossible to open. Knowing how to protect your garage door torsion spring can help you maintain your automatic garage door.

What can you do to protect your garage door's torsion spring?

To begin with, you should regularly inspect your garage door's torsion spring for signs of wear and tear. Some of the warning signs that your torsion spring needs service include:

  • Sagging in the spring.
  • Rust on the spring.
  • Elongation in the spring.
  • Lack of tension in the spring.

If you notice any of these problems while inspecting your torsion spring, contact reputable garage door services in your area for repairs. While you're inspecting the door, you should also spray down the spring with lithium grease. Lithium grease helps protect the spring from moisture and friction. Spraying down your spring with this product can extend the spring's service life.

What should you do if your garage door torsion spring breaks?

If your garage door torsion spring breaks, then opening and closing your garage door will be too dangerous to attempt on your own, because it will be too heavy and you won't have the assistance of the spring. Contact your garage door service repair company right away. Try this website for more help.

Can you fix your garage door torsion spring without help from a professional?

Garage door torsion springs function under constant pressure. They stay wound all the time. Attempting to install a torsion spring without proper training and tools can result in over winding of the spring. When this happens, pieces of metal can go flying. This makes the installation of a torsion spring very dangerous, so it's really not a proper DIY project. The best way to get your torsion spring repaired is to contact a garage door service professional. He or she can install a new spring and talk to you more about ways that you can protect your torsion spring in the future.