Green Fencing Made Easy With Bamboo Fence Materials

Are you among the numerous consumers who are interested in protecting the environment and making green choices? If so, and you desire a new fence around your property, then bamboo fencing may be the ideal material for you. The following information will help you to better understand why a bamboo fence could be right for you.

Seamless Blending

The natural color of bamboo makes it easy to blend in with virtually any type of landscaping. You can choose to leave the bamboo in its natural state, or you may choose to have a varnish applied to it. Painting it is even a possibility.

The construction of a bamboo fence is versatile. This means that you can opt to have the bamboo shoots closely woven together in a manner that closely mimics wood, or you may choose to have a fence with an intricate bamboo weaving pattern.

Affordable Material

Bamboo grows extremely fast, which means that even if there is high demand, it is a material that can still be harvested while keeping up with demands. Although it has the appearance of wood, bamboo is actually a type of grass. This means that you can get a "wood-like" appearance, and since this grass is not in danger of depletion and abundantly available, it costs less than some other fence materials. 

Rot Resistant

This material does not rot. Over time, it is possible that the material may crack or change color if varnish is not applied. The cracks in bamboo do not lead to it rotting because it is not wood. It is even considered to be stronger than wood. Experts estimate that bamboo fences can last for 20 years. Insects that feast on wood such as termites and carpenter ants will not feed on bamboo, because they instinctively know it is not wood. 

Environmentally Friendly

Opting for bamboo fencing preserves wood, which is a natural resource. It takes longer to grow new trees than it does to grow fresh supplies of bamboo. Harvesting bamboo also has minimal impact on the surrounding soil, whereas uprooting trees to make wood products could contribute to soil issues over time, such as soil erosion. Bamboo fencing is a bio-degradable material, which means that when you are ready to extract the fencing and replace it, it can be up-cycled for another use. 

A fencing contractor like All Counties Fence and Supply is the best resource to use to understand additional benefits that bamboo fencing could offer you. They can also recommend other types of fencing that minimally impact the environment. For example, if you prefer a fence with a more traditional appearance, a contractor might recommend a vinyl fence that is made from recycled goods.