Keeping A Construction Trailer Safe From Robbery

Since construction trailers are often left unmanned on a job site property during non-working hours, they are vulnerable for robbery. Often the tools, computer equipment, and important documentation required to get a job done properly are held in these trailers. To keep these items at less risk of being stolen, try the following steps to increase construction trailer security measures.

Install Locking Cabinets

Since hand tools are often used on the job it is important to keep them from getting into the wrong hands. Tools that belong to the company, and that are not assigned to an employee, should be locked in a locking tool box. Consider installing locking cabinets right inside the trailer so these tools are safely housed during off-hours. Designate one employee to sign out tools to other employees as they are needed. A locking cabinet along with a tool sign-out system can be further enhanced with an appropriate lock on the trailer itself.

Use The Right Lock

Lock the construction trailer whenever it is empty. Lunchtime robberies can happen if the time isn't taken to lock up first. Rather than rely on a simple padlock to keep others out of the trailer, have a heavy-duty lock installed by professional locksmiths, like those at Security Locksmiths. This will give the peace of mind that the lock will not be snipped away with bolt cutters. The key should only be accessible by managers to decrease the chance of a theft done as an inside job.

If the construction trailer will be utilized by several employees, tracking down a manager may not be cost-effective. In this case, have a commercial locksmith install a key-code entry locking mechanism. This will open easily for employees who have a password to gain entry. The passwords can be different for each employee, allowing a history of entries to be kept. This will make it less likely someone would easily give out their password to another, as they would be scrutinized if vandalism or theft occurred during entry with their password.

Add A Camera

Consider hooking up a surveillance camera to watch over the construction trailer when no one will be nearby. Surveillance programs allow users to watch from a remote location. The police could be alerted if an intruder is noticed trying to gain entry to the trailer and employees can be reprimanded if they are seen trying to vandalize the trailer in an attempt to get inside.