Cooking A Holiday Feast? Smart Ways To Keep Grease From Clogging Kitchen Drains And Spoiling Your Day

Cooking holiday meals at home is a great way to let family and friends know how much you care. However, preparing entrees like roasted turkey and spiral-cut hams, along with all the rich side dishes, buttery sauces and desserts can result in an overload of grease for your kitchen drain. If you are planning your holiday menu and want to make sure that your day is not ruined by a clogged drain, remember to use the following kitchen tips to keep grease out of your home plumbing system.

Cook Ahead & Skim When Possible

If you are making homemade turkey gravy to serve over potatoes, stuffing for the bird or a broth-based soup for the first course, you are probably planning to make your own broth to use in these recipes. To ensure that all traces of fat are removed from the broth so that it cannot make its way into your drain system, consider simmering the broth a day or two before the actual holiday. By doing this, the finished broth will have a chance to cool completely in the fridge, forcing any grease to rise to the top and harden, where it can be easily removed.

Change Dishwater Frequently

Keeping a sink filled with hot, sudsy water is a great way to keep the dishes washed as you cook, so that cleanup time is reduced after the meal. Unfortunately, when the dishwater in the sink cools, any remaining grease in the water can form a clog in the cold drainpipes of your plumbing system. To avoid this, change the dishwater frequently and use a liberal squirt of good quality dish liquid with a degreasing action in the water.

Put an Empty Coffee or Shortening Can to Use as a Grease Catcher

Devising an effective method of capturing any small amounts of grease, oil or butter that cooks out of your holiday recipes is the best way to ensure they do not make their way into your drain system. To do this, simply place a large, empty coffee or shortening can on a metal cookie sheet on an unused portion of your kitchen counter top. Carefully drain these substances into the can as you cook. After the meal has been prepared and the can is completely cool to the touch, place the lid on the can and dispose of it in the trash.

No matter how careful you are while cooking holiday dinners, greasy liquids can be accidentally allowed into the kitchen drain. If this should happen in your home and result in a clogged drain, contact a reputable drain cleaning service as soon as possible to clear away the clogs and restore your drains to free-flowing condition.