3 Septic Tank Solutions To Help You Deal With Mound Systems For High Water Tables

If you need to have a septic system, but your home is located in an area with a high water table, a mound system may be a practical solution. You probably also do not want to have a big unsightly mound in your yard. There are some things that can be done to mask your septic mound. Here are some tips to help you hide that unsightly septic mound with unique landscaping features:

1. Using Retaining Walls To Disguise A Septic Mound

If you have a mound system for a home, the mound can be large and hard to disguise. One way to hide it is to use retaining walls in your landscaping design. They can be used to raise the level of grading to the height needed for the mound. This can make the mound hardly noticeable. This can be a retaining wall that is built into a hillside, or it can be a retaining wall that is made to look like a raised garden area, where you can add plants to help with the filtration of septic waste.

2. Building The Mound To Blend In With Natural Terrain

You may also want to consider blending in your septic mound into the natural terrain. If you have different grade elevations, this can be a good way to mask your septic system. The mound can be built up to meet up with existing terrain, making it less noticeable. This will work much like building a retaining wall to mask the septic mound, but instead of a structure, you will have natural terrain. If you live in an area that is flat, this may not work as well, but it can be done to add elevations around your home to create more of a hilly terrain where there is little to work with.

3. Using A Planted Bio Filtration System Over Your Septic Mound

Another option to hide a septic mound is to use plants to create a bio filtration area. This can do a couple of things; It will help with the filtration of your septic system, as well as provide you with a way to disguise the septic mound. You can also add a sitting area near the mound to give you a nice relaxing area. This is something that will help you to make a useful area for your septic mound.

These are some tips to help you mask your mound septic system with attractive features. If you are ready to improve the unsightly appearance of your septic system, contact a septic contractor like Suc N Up Inc to get the help you need.