Recycling Tips For Your New Construction Site

If your construction company is getting ready to perform a major demolition project, then you need to consider the recycling container needs for the project. Use these tips to ensure that your project's recycling container needs are met when your demolition project starts and that you save your company as much money possible on disposal costs:

Reduce Your Disposal Costs by Taking Clean Loads to the Recycling Center

When your recycling containers are filled with only the material that belongs there and there is no trash, the load is said to be "clean" and is less expensive to dump than a non-clean load. When you have recycling containers that are collecting the following materials, make sure that they are clean before they leave your job site for the recycling center:

  • asphalt
  • concrete
  • dirt
  • metal
  • wood 

If you are recycling metals from the demolition, then you need to separate them into the classifications accepted by your recycling center. The metals accepted depend on the local recycling market. You should contact your local recycling center, such as C F Maier Composites, prior to ordering your containers and inquire about which metals they accept and how they classify clean loads.

Clearly Label Each Recycling Container for Workers

If your demolition project is producing many different recyclable materials that need to be placed in individual containers, then you should clearly label each recycling container with its approved contents. If your workers are not native English language speakers, then you should label the containers in their native languages. You can use an online language translator to determine the correct words to use to label the dumpsters.

Clear labeling of each recycling container will prevent the mixing of materials in your containers and keep their contents clean. Additionally, delivering clean loads to the recycling center will cost your company less for dumping and increase your profits for metals and materials you are paid scrap prices for.

Perform an Inservice Education on the Recycling Aspect of Your Demolition Project

Finally, since your workers have likely worked on a wide variety of different job sites over the past years, they do not have any way to know what your recycling plan is for the demolition project unless you specifically share it with them. To this end, take the time to meet with your site's workers and explain the recycling aspects of the project and show them where the various recyclable materials should be placed as they are removed.