Building A Beach House? You Need These Three Amenities

If you are building a beach house for the very first time, you are probably excited about having your own little place along the coast. Although you might be planning for your beachy decor and all of the entertaining that you are going to do there, you might not have thought about some of these important amenities. If you work these three things into your plans for your new beach house, you are sure to be pleased with the results.

1. Small Boat Dock

If you love to spend time on the water in your boat, you might be thinking about docking it at a local marina. However, if your beach house is located on the water, you should look into local building restrictions to see if you can build your own boat dock. A marine construction company can assist you, and you can keep costs to a minimum by making it small. You're sure to love the convenience of having your boat within easy reach, and you can save money over time because you won't have to pay marina fees.

Talk with a contractor from a business like Abbott's Construction Services Inc. to learn more about how this will feature will be constructed.

2. Rooftop Deck

If you haven't yet made plans for a rooftop deck, now is the time to think about it. You'll be able to enjoy a perfect view of the ocean and all of your other beachy surroundings, and you'll have the perfect spot for sunbathing. This can provide you with a much better experience than a more traditional deck, although you might opt to build one of those as well.

3. Outside Shower

You probably won't want to track sand into your beach house, so consider building an outside shower. If it's fully enclosed, you won't have to worry about not having enough privacy. Then you can rinse off or take a complete shower before you step back into your beach house, which can help you keep as much of the mess outside as possible. If you add a handheld sprayer, you can also use your outside shower as a place to clean off your beach toys and chairs before storing them.

Building your first beach house can be extremely exciting. However, you shouldn't get so caught up in your planning that you don't add all of the amenities that you want. Make sure that you add these three amenities into your plans, and you're sure to enjoy your new beach house even more than you think.