Programmable Motorized Blinds Can Boost Your Winter And Summer Energy Savings

Achieving energy efficiency in your home requires a multilevel approach. It requires a combination of additions and changes around your home in order to accomplish this goal. Installing motorized blinds in your home is a step in the right direction. The primary reason that this style of blinds can increase your home's energy efficiency is that they are programmable. You can preset your blinds to open and close whether you're home or away. This advanced feature can offer you significant energy savings during the winter and summer.


During the winter months, when the temperatures are colder, sunlight can serve as a great source of natural warmth. Keeping your blinds open during the day ensures the sun's UV rays can enter your home and naturally warm up the space. This practice allows you to reduce your dependency on your home's heating unit and save energy.

However, once the sun starts to go down, if you're blinds are still open, you could actually start to lose all of the heat you have built up inside. This will cause your home to get colder and require you to use your heater more often. During this period, you would simply program your blinds to open in the morning and close at dusk, so that you can retain the heat you've stored throughout the day.


During the summer, you can adjust the programming schedule for your motorized blinds in order to keep the heat out. Generally, the hottest part of a summer day is the afternoon. Around this time of the day, it would be better to program your blinds to close so that you can better regulate the temperatures inside and avoid heat gains. Once the sun begins to go down, you could program your blinds to reopen.

While it might seem like a minor benefit, simply having interior blinds can reduce the amount of heat that enters into your home by as much as 45%. It's also important to mention that your blinds can be controlled on an individual basis. If you have certain rooms that don't face the sun and you want to allow in natural light, you can do so while keeping the blinds in other areas closed.

Motorized blinds are a practical way you can reduce your energy usage and cost. An installation expert can help you select an option that won't just meet your functionality needs, but also your style preferences. Companies like Park City Blind & Design can help you explore your options.